What are the survival issues facing the Orangutans?

Why are they facing these issues?

How can we help?

Weblinks for facts about Orangutans

Orangutans – Sangiego Zoo website

Orangutan facts for kids – daughter earth

Sumatran Orangutan Society – information about orangutans and their crisis

WWF Global – Orangutans – facts, their threats and what is being done to help

Why is the Orangutan in danger? – The orangutan foundation international

Sumatra Burns in palm oil rush

How much do you really know about orangutans?  take this quiz to find out.

Deforestation in Borneo, Indonesia


Click on the pictures to enlarge.

What are they showing?



Create a graph to show the information you see. 

What type of graph would be the most appropriate?

Click on picture of Borneo to enlarge to see the change in Orangutan population from 1930 – 2004. The orange marks show where the Orangutans are living.




Documents and videos viewed in class 

Word Document:  Palm oil and its effect on Orangutans

Video: 60 minutes – jungle orphans -(12.25mins)

Video: Introduction to the topic (4.20 min) – this is youtube clip and wont play at school

Video: TED – Girl Scout Cookies (6.51 min)


Take the quiz to find out how much palm oil is in your home.



  How much palm oil is in your house?

   Take this quiz to find out



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